Big Growth Summit






August 25 & 26

Alice Heiman

Founder, Alice Heiman LLC

How to Network at the Big Growth Summit

Interactive Workshop Session for All

August 25& 26


**5 times each day**

Video Meet-Up Sessions!

5 minute  intros to other participants

August 25

Ray Weaver

Summit Producer and Whale Hunter

The Challenge and the Opportunity

Co-Founder of Muse Paintbars

August 25

Langdon Morris

Founder, Innovation Labs

The Power of Scenarios

Award-winning Innovation Expert

August 25

Tiffani Bova

Global Growth, Sales & Innovation Evangelist

Do You Have Growth IQ?

Salesforce's #1 guru

August 25

David Mattson.

 CEO & President Sandler Training

Critical Elements of Client Retention

Hot New Research

August 25

Jill Konrath

LinkedIn's #1 Sales Expert to Follow

Unleashing an Upward Spiral

Author of 4 Bestselling Sales Books

August 25

Deb Calvert

President, People First Productivity Solutions

How Great Leaders Engage Their Employees

Author, Stop Selling and Start Leading

August 25

Jamie (Crosbie) Bisson

President, ProActivate

Your Peak Performance Mindset

Executive Talent

August 25

Frank Cespedes

Senior Lecturer ,Harvard Business School

Restarting Your Business: Advice to Sales Leaders

Heads HBS Exec Program on Strategy and Sales

August 25

Melinda Emerson

America's #1 Small Business Expert

How to Fix Your Business in Difficult Times

Author, Fix Your Business

August 25

Lisa Magnuson

Founder, Top Line Sales 

An Enterprise Account Strategy for Big Wins

Author, TOP Sales Leaders Playbook

August 25

Dan Waldschmidt

CRO, Panzura

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Host, EDGY Conversations

August 26

Barbara Weaver Smith

Founder, The Whale Hunters

A Good Time for Whale Hunting

Author, Whale Hunting with Global Accounts

August 26

Jonathan Farrington

Creator & CEO
 JF Initiatives

The Future of Professional Selling

Convenor of The Top Sales Futurists

August 26

Shari Levitin

Keynote Speaker, Global Sales Leader, Author 

Creating Spellbinding Connections

Author, Heart and Sell

August 26

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder, Terminus

Account-Based Marketing--Now More Than Ever

Host, Flip My Funnel Podcast

August 26

George Brontén

CEO, Membrain

Stop Killing Deals: From Myths to Solutions

Award-winning CRM Solution

August 26

Rakhi Voria

Director, IBM Global Digital Sales Development

Emerging Smarter and Stronger

Built Digital Salesforce at Microsoft and IBM

August 26

Ray Weaver

Executive Consultant The Whale Hunters

Five Themes for Growth Opportunities.

First Marketing Director at Akamai

August 26

Shep Hyken

Customer Service & Experience Expert

How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

National Speakers Association Hall of Fame

August 26

Colleen Stanley

President & Founder, Sales Leadership, Inc.

Leaders Need EQ!

Author, Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leaders

August 26

Stu Heinecke

WSJ Cartoonist

The W.E.E.D.S, Growth Model

Author in Residence, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

August 26

Chris Beall

CEO, Connect & Sell

Building Trust

Holder of 17 Patents

August 26

Meridith Elliott Powell

Business Strategist & Keynote Speaker

Thriving in Uncertain Times

Co-Host, The Sales Logis Podcast

August 26

Ray Weaver &
Barbara Weaver Smith

The Whale Hunters

A Path from Survival to Transformation

Summit Poducers

August 25-26


3-4 Workshops

Interactive Discussion

Topic-Based Open-Ended Conversation