Are you ready to GO BEYOND SURVIVAL?

If you're tired of gloom and doom, join us for what's next.

The season's elite conference for company leaders: CXOs,  Sales and Marketing VPs and Team Leaders, Business Developers, Top Sellers and other key people focused on growth strategy. Bring your team and be among the vanguard who will emerge from chaos stronger than ever.

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Welcome to the Big Growth Summit

World Class Speakers

They'll address data, scenarios, trends. Leadership traits—mindset, alignment, EQ, and how to be disruptive and  agile  and amazing. Growth projections to consider and what to avoid. Sales and marketing strategies. Landing big customers and bigger deals. Introducing new  models to  organize and manage complexity.

Amazing Interaction

Chief Networker Alice Heiman leads you through live video meet-ups and meet-by-request with other participants and speakers, discussions on special topics, all-day chat, live interaction with exhibitors and sponsors, and virtual cocktail parties that rival any conference bar (BYOB)!

Focused on Your Growth

We're moving beyond the necessary survival tactics of the past few months to delve into the tough challenges of long-term business model re-framing and business re-development. Talking about megatrends that lead to opportunities and how to guide your company through three stages of recovery. 

The right topic
Four themes for growth

Understanding the Challenge—including sessions on the nature and scope of new opportunities, scenarios planning, new research on customer retention, how to use experimentation to find your way, the nature of resilience.

Leading for Growth—featuring speakers on how companies become agile, peak performance mindset, aligning strategy with sales and marketing, developing influence,  enterprise account strategies.

 Growth Strategies—discussions of trends that will impact your business, sales futures, creating spellbinding connections, account-based marketing strategies, new directions in digital sales.

 Frameworks and Foundations—presentations on amazing your customers, EQ for leaders, building trust, “how weeds survive,” thriving in uncertain times, and what comes next.

The right time
Chaos breeds opportunity

In every time of market disruption, certain companies find a way to break through the period of just surviving and re-imagine, re-frame and re-build for what comes next. They emerge better, bigger and stronger than ever before.

We've put this conference together to offer you and your team the best resources to het you there first.

The right people
Speakers, participants, hosts

You will be in the company of company leaders and key people in the areas of  business development, sales, marketing and other operational functions of  companies that are focused on growth. Bring your team! Discounted tickets for teams of three.

The Big  Growth Summit is brought to you by The Whale Hunters, a premier boutique consultancy that has been helping businesses win game-changing large sales for over 20 years.

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